Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It. Is. Hot.

Really hot. So I've been keeping relatively cool working out inside.
You might be wondering, "Hey, why didn't you ever update about how your first 5K went?"
Well, it didn't.
Basically, I was sick for the entire month of May, and for the two days prior to the race, I was laid up with a migraine. So I skipped it. I was sad, especially because the weather turned out to be beautiful that morning.
The good news is, I've registered for my second first 5K, which will be at the NC Zoo in September.
I restarted my actual 5K training last week. So far, so...okay. I did get in my first run over 1 mile this past Saturday, which I was pretty proud of, I have to say. And I didn't pass out or die!
I have missed my road walks, but it's just been way too hot and humid lately. I'm ready for fall already.

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